2014 Round-up

2014 was an eventful year for me.

It didn’t start out so well, with my daughter ill and in a full-time healthcare facility. But as the year wore on, and my daughter became healthy again, and she and her twin sister even graduated from high school, things began looking up!

I went to Loncon3, my first time at such a big con. I met old friends , made new ones, and had a great time. Codex breakfasts, Viable Paradise drinks, SFWA drinks , (as arm candy, but still…J), Dutch sff writers drinks, much yawsg talk…

At Loncon3, I discussed how to tell an American sff writer from a British one. I learned being well dressed is culturally determined.

I sold ten short  stories to eleven venues, and one actual novel ( The Wan, forthcoming 2015 with Pink Narcissus Press). I also had about 80 rejections. C’est la vie.

I haven’t yet regretted quitting my job in 2012. I’m poor but happy, following my dream… what more can a person want?

I’ve learned I need to be quite relaxed and quite happy and a lot alone to write at my best. None of these things are completely in my control – if someone you loves get sick, it’s hard to be happily writing away, I have a family, I don’t live in a cave on top of a mountain. My VP buddy Ferrett says:  Better learn to write through the depression, because happiness isn’t something you can count on. I’ve still got to learn that.

My favorite book from 2014: it’s a tie between Ancillary Sword(Ann Leckie) and The Peripheral(William Gibson).

I’m convinced I read at least 50 books, but me and Goodreads are still tussling about that. But if it’s true that I read only 45 or so, why? I think it is because I’ve become so sadly, writerly critical, while really I love nothing more than to immerse myself. That’s the one thing about becoming a writer I regret, the loss of innocence about the reading experience.

Best sf movie this year: so far, Edge of Tomorrow ( yeah, surprised me too).

I wish everyone on my friends’ list a great 2015 and I hope to see many of you in RL. Write On!


I just moved to wordpress…

December updates:

“LEGO Man” sold to T. Gene Daviss Speculative Blog , to appear Jan 19 2015;

“She Waxes While We Wane” sold to Spark a Creative Anthology. It will also be published in  Soulful Ember, a midgrade magazine;

“Bog Trade” sold to Twice Upon a Time Anthology, retellings of fairy tales and other well known stories;

“Shelley Unbound” sold to “Dreamscapes into Darkness Anthology by Firbolg Publishing;

Cover of “The Wan” (publication medio 2015) revealed

Archive post (transfer from old website)

Read “The King Must Die” in Electric Spec

Read “The Spume Horse” in Wicked Words Quarterly 2


Aug 2014: Sold “The King Must Die” to Electric Spec


My sf novel  “The Wan” will be published in 2015 by Pink Narcissus Press!


Read  “The Knack Bomb” in “The Colored Lens””

Read “Many the Sorrows He Suffered at Sea” in 4starstories

May 2014

Became a member of Codex Writer’s Group

Feb 2014

“Civil Troll” to Local Magic Anthology by Antimatter Press(publication Holiday 2014)

Jan 2014

“Daddy’s Home” to The Big Pulp Zombie Anthology II, publication 2015


December: Two Dutch shorts published as e-book/ printbook with Link Publishing: Sater and Cirque des Étoiles.

October: Publication eMag Penumbra with “The Doll Is Dead” by Bo.
15 September
Publication anthology Stitches, Witches and Bitches, with “The Knitted Man” by Bo.

 5 juli
Ancient New, with “Butterfly Hunt” by Bo is finally here!
June/July 2013

Bo is participating in the Clarion-West Writeathon, a drive to gather donations for the Clarion West fun. Follow her here orhere.———————————————————————-

June 2013

Forthcoming September 15: “The Knitted Man” in the Stitches, Witches and Bitches Anthology by Evil Girlfriend Media.———————————————————————–

June 2013

Read “The Hump” at Bewildering Stories . It’s been chosen for the 2nd Quarterly Review.


May 2013

The Ancient New e-ARC is out, with my story “Butterfly Hunt”.


Daughter of the Djinn 
published by  Books of Fantasy in August 2011

A flying carpet floats beneath Jasmin’s bedroom window. She gets on and it takes her to the world of djinn. The djinn command her to find her father, because more and more of their brothers are disappearing. Together with her friends, Jasmin travels to Asgard, the world of Norse gods. She discovers her mother isn’t a normal human being either…

Her double heritage tears JAsmin’s life apart. She’s Valkyrie on the one side, djinn on the other. If she is to save the djinn, she needs help from the Norse side, but the two are not compatible. How can she keep her balance on this tight rope, save her own life and her father’s?

Bibliografie Bo Balder:


The Wan (novel) with Pink Narcissus Press (forthcoming

Daddy’s Home in The Big Pulp Zombie Anthology II, (forthcoming )


Civil Troll in Local Magic Anthology by Antimatter Press(forthcoming Holiday 2014)

Spume Horse in Wicked Words Quarterly 2

The King Must Die in Electric Spec Aug 31

The Knack Bomb in The Colored Lens Summer 2014

“Many the Sorrows He Suffered at Sea” in 4starstories.com

Sater with Link Publishing (NL)

Cirque des Étoiles with Link Publishing(NL)


“The Doll Is Dead” in eMag Penumbra

“The Knitted Man” in Stitches, Witches and Bitches Anthology by Evil Girlfriend Media.  “Butterfly Hunt” Ancient New anthology, Deepwoods Press

De foefbom in Ganymedes 13 (NL, print)


“The Hump” at Bewildering Stories. It was chosen for the 2nd Quarterly Review.

“Ramkoers” in Wonderwaan (NL, print)